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anti copyright front
"Let's have copyright for breakfast!"

Antiİfront (anti copyright front) is an attempt to take full advantage of what the latest computer and telecommunication technologies are offering to us. To share is one of the key words on the Web. The Antiİfront is a fast growing community of artists who are ready to share works and ideas in a new way.

  • The Antiİ sign as a research tool.
    With the disappearance of the original it is more and more important to acknowledge and preserve the origin of the work of art. It should be simple and easy for the viewer to retrieve the names and URLs of the contributors and to have the option of experiencing more related works. In the physical world the agent of the artist is the gallery owner; in the virtual worlds the work itself becomes the artist's agent. Let us keep in mind the teachings of process art, let us keep track of the development of an idea. The Antiİ sign is not here to stop us from copying form and/or content from the document on which it is written. On the contrary, it is here to help us get back to the identity(ies) behind the work.

  • Antiİ sign: a new option for retrieving the work's history.
    As the work is being appropriated the newest contributors add their names--and URL--to the list of contributors. Here is an example. In 1995 John appropriates a work on which Leila had been working between 1991 and 1994. On this work the Antiİ line reads: Antiİ 1991-94 Leila. After making the changes he thinks are appropriate he enters: Antiİ 1991-94 Leila, 1995 John. By acknowledging Leila's work John helps the viewers appreciate his own work and give them the option of going back to the previous state of the work.

    Digimarc develops solutions enabling users to add quasi indelible digital watermarks to images. Although this software is written for the wrong reasons it can be very useful to the process described above.

    The concept of "new option" is very timely as it becomes clear to more people every day that fast growing virtual worlds will not replace the physical world but give us new ontological options.

  • Antiİ as an adjustment of ethics.
    It is time to stop being ashamed of copying and to start opening our eyes. We all are inspired by what we experiment and what we experiment is what surrounds us. We've been copying each other for a long time--some might say forever. Instead of hiding or denying the fact that the choices we make are always based on actions or states of others we should claim it.

    MACOS (Musicians Against Copyrighting Of Sampling) and the KLF (Kopyright Liberation Front) were good initiatives to get rid of the burden of copyright laws in musical compositions. Unfortunately MACOS doesn't consider one hour of music a sample, and the KLF is still copyrighting its own works... Antiİfront suggests a more radical approach.

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