Flyvision FAQ

What is Flyvision?
Flyvision is a forum for artistic collaborations on the web. It is a place (and a time) on the web where (and when) web-specific art project are created, presented and experienced. It has no precise goal but trajectories and is constantly re(de)fining itself and readjusting its trajectories.

What is web-specific art?
Art created exclusively for the web and meant to be experienced on the Web only. Some projects on Flyvision are more web-specific than others.

How long has Flyvision been around?
Flyvision started to present interactive "games" (made with Director) on AOL in 1990. As soon as we became aware of the possibilities of the web, we migrated from AOL to our first web server ( Since 1994 Flyvision has jumped from server to server trying to find the most cost-efficient and evolutive solution.

Who are the collaborators on Flyvision?
People who want to share ideas, establish contact, get the audience to participate and make their projects evolve using Internet (and more precisely web) technology.

What does Flyvision mean?
"The meaning of Flyvision goes back to the beginning of the 90's when he was working with 3D animation software. His background was sculpture and he first came to computers to create (not only visualize) sculptural projects. It was unclear to him if the computer would help in the design of sculptural pieces or if the resulting file would become the work itself. He had done performance art and was very aware of the effort made by the artists in the 60's and 70's related to non-commodification of the arts. They came too early. Our chance is to deal with non-commodification issues now that the public is aware of the joke that gallery owners and Artworld's "officials" have played on everyone. At that time he already had the intuition that the object was not any longer needed. We believe now that creating new objects is becoming unethical." (Giorgio Moroder)

Why isn't there a Flyvision logo?
We consider sticking to a logo and/or to a visual identity old-fashionned branding. It doesn't compile with our shrinking attention span so we decided that Flyvision's visual identity would fluctuate freely, pretty much following the mood of its collaborators. Flyvision is in constant state of re-branding.

Why is the word "virtual" rarely used on Flyvision?
Virtual x implies that x already exists in some space and time that are considered less virtual than the Internet. Web-specific art is not virtual art much less virtual fine art because Web-specific art is too far apart from its physical relative . If Web-specific artists or curators on Flyvision use the term "virtual art" it is to help the reader who is not familiar with this activity get an idea of what is discussed.

Aren't you ashamed of copying?
We copy therefore we are.

Why is the word "art" never used on Flyvision?
We're not too sure what it means and although it appears to be an open concept (M. Weitz) we'd rather resist this categorization. As you can imagine, this resistance doesn't always work. Also, the general understanding is that art is the stuff that's in the galleries and Flyvision doesn't really fit this pattern. Also, art is often some kind of serious and/or pompous stuff to which we don't particularly want to belong. This said, art seems to be the best category under which you could file Flyvision.

Why is your domain name and not
The Flyvision project is non-commercial.
Note that has also been registered so you may type just "flyvision" in the "location" entry (changed into "address" in EI 5.x) of your browser.

Where can I get a Flyvision T-shirt?
- your name and address
- US$22 in cash (includes S&H in US and Canada)
- US$29 in cash (includes S&H around the world)
Flyvision T-shirt
127 Mac Dougal Street #953
New York, NY 10012.