Anakin Koenig / anakin_koenig /
Architecture and Design by "Anakin Koenig".   Presented counter-chronologically.

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Anakin Koenig Airways
Inflatable structures made of
plastic by Anakin Koenig

Bogdanov and Bogdanov
Architecture and interior
design by Bogdanov and Bogdanov

The Eye
Ephemeral and performative architecture by The Eye

Anakin Koenig Airways
... Inflatable structures of different shapes made of plastic for chill out rooms, dancefloors, projections, etc. - November 2001 to present

Disorient Urban Plan (in collaboration with The Eye)
... Overall design and planning of the Disorient Camp at Burning Man 2002 in the Nevada Desert. - April - September 2002

8: The Inflatable Link
... 8: the inflatable link by Anakin Koenig. Just like a Lego brick, 8 is the basic modular ... - February 2000

The Geek Nef
... A vessel for the contemporary navigator. - January 1997

Heavy Rings
... Gold and silver rings designed by Anakin Koenig.
no URL available - 1995 to present

            Bis Repetita Placent
             ... Ring: amethyst set in silver.
   - April 1998

            Black Jack
             ... Ring: black onyx set in silver.
   - June 1996

Sagesse et humilite: les deux pilliers du temple de l'exces
... Notes in French by Anakin Koenig on home interior design. This is a work in progress. - February 1995

The Target
... A series of wooden stands to present Bics either on a table or on a wall.
no URL available - April 1993


made back in 2001 by Anakin Koenig
much respect to Google