Big Bang
Proposal for Installation at BM 2004
by The Eye

Version 01
Feb 11, 2004

Dimensions: 40' (length) x 40' (width) x 18' (height)

2 motor homes, 400 solar lights

Motor home 1 stands on its wheels. Motor home 2 (positioned at a 90 degree angle from motor home 1) leans upside-down crushing on the side of motor home 1.

The solar lights are installed in a pattern radiating from the impact point of the two motor homes. Some lights are attached to the sides of the motor homes, others are planted in the ground. Lights become more sparse and their placement more defuse as the distance from the impact point increases.

Solar lights are as easy to install as they are to disinstall. The appropriation of solar lights by Burners is encouraged and represents the expansion and the diffusion/dispersion of our universe, each light being an element such as a star, a solar system or a galaxy, resulting from the big bang. This installation is made of self-sufficient devices that resonate with life on the playa.

This installation is a playa version of the big bang. "The Big Bang Theory is the dominant scientific theory about the origin of the universe. According to this theory, the universe was created sometime between 10 billion and 20 billion years ago from a cosmic explosion that hurled matter and in all directions." (1)

Time line
07/20: Purchase solar lights. Lights to be delivered on the playa on 08/18
07/30: Finalize contract with junk yard.
08/15-17: Final selection of motor homes 1 and 2 at junk yard. Purge liquids from motor homes. Empty motor homes of unnecessary objects i.e. stove.
08/18: Arrival on the playa with delivery of motor home 1. preparation of lights (make holes and insert rod to every light that will be attached vertically to the motor homes)
08/19: Delivery of motor home 2
08/20: Preparation of the motor homes before installation: emptying part of motor home 1 for better crash effect.
08/21: Placement of motor home 2 on top of motor home 1 (crane time)
09/02: De-installation of the motor homes (crane time)
09/02: Motor home 2 is hauled back to junk yard
09/03: Motor home 1 is hauled back to junk yard, playa is cleaned.