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This Nike model -- I still could not figure out its actual name -- from the Tn Series might very well be the most elegant and glamorous sport shoe ever designed.

Its web of plastic supports provides just enough rigidity on every part of the foot apparel to avoid the bulgy look that plagues most running shoes and offers a reassuring tight feel all over the foot especially where it is usually missing, on top of the toes and on the inner side of the foot.

The discreet transparent plastic protection tested earlier by Nike in the Triax Series gives a perfectly rounded aspect to the front of the shoe. It is very comforting to notice that neither the thin tip of the black and white sole nor the front protection ever come unglued from the body of the shoe.

I've seen them in black leather, black and red fabric, white fabric and the two pairs that I've owned for over a year are both fabric violet and blue (presented here) and grey and white with blue swoosh.

They are not available from Nike's web site and I never saw them at Niketown.

Jacky Norton

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