The Forest Bathroom
Interior Design by Bogdanov and Bogdanov

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plywood layers

plywood layers

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Jabba barge

For this bathroom redesign we decided to get our inspiration from the atmosphere of the Ewok forest on the planet of Endor where part of the Return of the Jedi takes place. Tall trees, lush vegetation and soft light were a dreamscape, a vision of well-being. Star Wars' flying vehicles contrasted with this setting and emphasized its natural character. The redesign of a bathroom in this Manhattan loft was the perfect occasion to explore this idea.

Two sinks, a vanity and a toilet are organized around a central shower. The atmosphere is earthy and comfortable, the shower feels like a forest spring.

The bathroom space is 10' x 13', with an 11' high ceiling made of tight wooden beams and two big windows looking south.

From bedroom to bathroom. To remain true to the classic Manhattan loft for which this bathroom was designed there is no separation between the bedroom and the bathroom. Instead, the transition is made by three steps down from the platform of the bedroom into the bathroom. A generous open dressing space located on the platform becomes the transition space between bed and bathroom.

The Spaceships. The sinks, shelves, laundry receptacles and vanity are parts of a thick vertical element made of laminated plywood and aluminum tubing. Every shelf is made of several layers of plywood topped with a thin laminate. Eight different types of wood laminates were used. The shape of each shelf is inspired by a Star Wars spaceship such as the Millenium Falcon and Darth Vador's Executor.

The shower. The spiral shape creates a narrow corridor that leads into the shower. The temperature of the entrance is controlled by a heat lamp and by the hot water pipe that doubles as a towel warmer. The base and the column that hosts the pipes is made of concrete and the spiral-shaped wall is made of glass blocks. The variations of color of the concrete creates an earthy feel. During the day the shower is gently lit by the sun coming through the windows and through the glass bricks. Ceiling lights are set on flexible fixtures and controlled by dimmers.

The Secret. The floating mirror on the left side of the shower rotates to reveal a narrow corridor to the toilet. The series of shelves on the flip side of the mirror provides discreet storage.

Floor treatment. Existing tiles were removed and the rediscovered concrete floor was coated with epoxy resin for clean finish and warm earthy tone. Moss-looking bathroom rugs add to the forest feel.
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general view

shower entrance


shower inside

shower floor

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Made in 1994 by Bogdanov and Bogdanov