Animal With No Name: The fuzzy beast that loops.
Size: undetermined
Sex: undetermined
Nationality: undetermined

Q: What/who is this Animal?
A: Animal With No Name was born in 1993 on a round table of the restaurant "First" on First Avenue in New York City. Its parents are a Bic and a paper table cloth. Since then it has grown and evolved in many different forms and media such as black marks on public phones, oil paint on canvas and on subway trains and plastic stickers. It has even reach 3Dity in 1996 through clay and inflatable plastic. It has also made several appearances on public TV and on many Palace sites. It is never sick but loses itself often. This is not very important as it has many many instances.

Q: What does the Animal do?
A: The Animal's main interest is to collect and to create low bandwidth visuals inspired by electronic dance music. It considers itself a Web jockey (WJ). Its recent works include: Raventation's "loops4you" and Sampling Space. It also organizes open techno gatherings at which everyone is invited to DJ (just fill out and send the form available here).