AWNN Family Portrait
by Animal With No Name (AWNN)
"Family Portrait" is an installation of hundreds of Animal With No Name figures. Each individual figure rests on its 4 "legs." The overall installation will look like a herd of animals of different sizes and colors yet belonging to the same family. It may also be reminiscent of a collection of porcelain figures or of Barbie dolls. This is preferably an indoor installation.

Members of the audience should be able to walk through the installation and immerse themselves in the herd. For stability purpose the "legs" of each figure will be filled with water.

An outdoor version of this installation could be presented in a closed water area such as a pond or a basin. Fountain, spray or noozle, if any, should not be too strong. On water the herd would travel from one spot to another according to the winds. Such a presentation will require adjustment of the sizes and testing.

- Heights of the four different sizes:
... Small (S): 20' (50cm)
... Medium (M): 45' (114cm)
... Large (L) 60' (152cm)
... Extra Large (XL): 75' (190cm).
- Colors: as many as possible including.
- Opacity: several levels of opacity from transparent to opaque.
- Finish: mat, shiny, furry (as diverse as possible).
- Organization of the colors: most figures will be monochrome but some will have body parts of different colors/textures.
- Number of figures to be created (suggestion): 200x20', 120x45', 200x60', 20x75'.

A prototype of the "Small" version has already been made but needs to be refined.