Take a walk on the wild side.
fly@flyvision.org (10-09-95)

Everybody just go nutty, nutty, nutty.
jk@blueskyprod.com (10-11-95)

Everyone get three bananas.
jk@blueskyprod.com (10-11-95)

Here jk@blueskyprod.com sent two messages out.
We'll see how we can manage to keep track of that...

My dick creates a lot of cheese.
cindy@blueskyprod.com (by way of nina@blueskyprod.com) (10-21-95)

Cindy and Nina solved the problem themselves!

Troublesome physiological effects plague me.
jk@harlem.blueskyprod.com (John Kahrs) (10-23-95)

The felching brothers never had it so good.
cindy@blueskyprod.com (10-23-95)

Flaring angina disrupts my concentration.
cindy@blueskyprod.com (10-23-95)

Here cindy@blueskyprod.com sent two messages out.
To handle this situation I created the new branch "angina."