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WHEN IN FLIGHT ,LIFE SEEMS SO RIGHT (elaine leon) (11-23-1997 21:41)

E' una donna che ride, almeno ride. (stefano vanacore) (06-24-1997 8:48 AM)

Silly Putty (02-14-1997 10:42 PM)

alert & go (reynald drouhin) (01-23-1997 8:19 AM)

Isn't Baywatch on right now? (01-23-1997 8:19 AM)

I hate five-word sentences. (01-23-1997 12:05 AM)

Reconstruction for the stars. (01-05-1997 10:01 PM)

Plastic surgery. (Sun, 22 Sep 1996 19:23:15 -0400)

Tomorrow I'll be a brand new girl. (05-10-96)

Not tonight, I have a headache. (05-03-96)

I want to, but I can't. (05-03-96)

When my inner-self talks, my outer-self does not listen. (04-22-96)

Never trust a shrink. (04-17-96)

Difficult circumstances demand inventive solutions. (04-12-96)

When the going gets tough, punt. (04-12-96)

When you don't understand, don't tell the truth. (04-12-96)

If in doubt, lie. (03-29-96)

When clueless, pretend. (03-26-96)

Hamlet wasn't all that sure about it either. (03-24-96)

I have a bad feeling about Copenhagen. (03-24-96)

I hear something fishy in the State of Denmark
jacobson@is.NYU.EDU (03-18-96)

Synaesthesia was in the air... (03-18-96)

As the ear spoke, the mouth listened... (03-15-96)
Oliver raised several interesting questions.
- How can a word be paraphrased?
- Did we ever paraphrase in the strict sense of the term?
- Have we not paraphrased the concept paraphrase?
- When a sentence is reduced to its simplest expression (a word) isn't it time to start over?

Hearsay! (03-08-96)

Of course I'm positive she did it! Somebody told me. (03-07-96)

I guess you could assume he's about as deaf as a mole is blind, but don't take my word for it. (03-06-96)

In this case, the audio energy waves that always pulsate around us are regretfully diminished by shortcomings in the sensor equipment, possibly because of age, (though this cannot be officially confirmed or disproved.). (02-05-96)

Hard of hearing.
jacobson@is.NYU.EDU (02-02-96)

Over Dose of Decibel. (01-23-96)

odd. (Oliver Rockwell) (01-20-96)

Quaint. (01-18-96)

Outsider. (12-17-95)

You're not part of the family. (12-16-95)

You don't belong here. (12-16-95)

What is a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?
jacobson@is.NYU.EDU (12-16-95)

How can a nice thing become so ugly? (12-16-95)

A politician makes a promise. (12-14-95)

Electors are betrayed. (12-14-95)

The President spit on the public. (12-12-95)

The Speaker sniffed at the sweepstakes prize. (12-12-95)

Newt Gingrich rejected Publisher's Clearinghouse.
jacobson@is.NYU.EDU (12-12-95)

Junk-mailers lost a client. (12-12-95)

Left without a forwarding address. (12-06-95)

Gone with the wind. (12-05-95)

Disolve into thin air. (12-05-95)

Never to be seen again. (12-05-95)

Gone forever.
jacobson@is.NYU.EDU (12-05-95)

Left for good. (12-04-95)

We no longer dwell in this area. (Paul Papadopoulos) (12-04-95)

This address has changed. (Piero M.) (12-03-95)

Forward this mail. (12-02-95)

If the idea comes back again, let it flow. (12-01-95)

Don't hide a good thought twice.
jacobson@is.NYU.EDU (11-30-95)

Don't keep to yourself a similar idea two times. (11-29-95)

Say the same thing twice. (Jan De Pauw) (11-28-95)

Six of one, half-dozen 'the other. (John Kahrs) (11-20-95)

Words are different but meanings are the same.
jacobson@is.NYU.EDU (Susan Jacobson) (11-18-95)

Say the same thing. (11-17-95)