"In search of Euridice" is an interactive multimedia production by Dinu Ghezzo.
"In search of Euridice" est une production interactive multimedia ecrite par Dinu Ghezzo.

The goal of "Le portrait robot d'Euridice/Euridice's Identikit"
is to have the character of Euridice defined by the audience (yes you).
As this project evolves we are hoping to get
a more and more refined Euridice.
Every detail is important.
Dr Ghezzo and his crew will have Euridice's character evolve
according to your suggestions.

Le but de ce projet "Le portrait robot d'Euridice/Euridice's Identikit"
est de permettre a l'audience de definir l'identite d'Euridice.
Au fur et a mesure de l'evolution de ce projet nous esperons voir se dessiner
le charactere d'Euridice d'une maniere de plus en plus precise.
Chaque detail a son importance.
Dr Ghezzo et ses collaborateurs feront evoluer le personnage d'Euridice
en fonction de vos suggestions.

So please don't hesitate to send your contribution.
N'hesitez pas a nous envoyer votre contribution.