There is yet another way for you to participate.
Join us for the "In Search of Euridice" performance
physically or virtually.

Il y a aussi une autre maniere de participer.
Joignez-vous a la representation de "In Search of Euridice"
physiquement ou virtuellement.

APRIL 30th, 1996 at 6 PM, NYC time, at the EISNER-LUBIN
AUDITORIUM, of NYU Loeb Center (566 La Guardia Place).

Images of the character will be projected onstage and
the audience members will be asked to write a single-word
description of Euridice and hold it up to a camera
from time to time.

Des images du personnage seront projetees et il sera propose
aux membres de l'audience de decrire Euridice en un mot
et de presenter cette description a la camera.

APRIL 30th, 1996 at 6 PM, NYC time,
on NYU's CU-SeeMe reflector aka INDY1.ACF.NYU.EDU.
The IP address is