Junk Yard
Some just don't get it...

Ahh drunk am shit again.
Yea am a bitch yea i got class and mess wit me and ill kick ur ass.

SuperGirlr18 at msn.com (Kimberly), 10-17-2002

Rehab is for quiters.
malcolmss at aol.com, 09-30-2002

Earl is in the trunk.
ESTABROOKS at aol.com, 05-09-2002

Dark of Heartness.
minskytube at aol.com, 01-31-2002

Honk if your horn is broken.
macleay at home.com (Sean MacLeay), 12-21-2000

bikeman at telusplanet.net (Jim Miller), 11-13-2000

Gun's don't kill - Yugos do
g1f16 at unv.viborhs.dk (klaus larsen), 02-07-1997 6:51 PM.

With a siren and a highbeam flasher, this baby could *really* haul ASS!!
cheetah at sentex.net (Scott Wilkins), 01-18-1997 9:36 AM.

"Tickle m' toes with a hot cup o' joe"
marc at rmi.net (Marc R. Mercer), 12-19-96 5:17 PM.

Only users lose drugs.
UNJQ92A at prodigy.com (ALFRED HUBER), Sun, 6 Oct 1996 19:36:14, -0500.

Grass, gas or ass nobody rides free.
UNJQ92A at prodigy.com (ALFRED HUBER), Sun, 6 Oct 1996 19:36:14, -0500.

Another dopeless hope fiend.
UNJQ92A at prodigy.com (ALFRED HUBER), Sun, 6 Oct 1996 19:36:14, -0500.

More might be enough.
marett at eramp.net (kevin & rosie marett), Tue, 04 Jun 96 17:06.

My boss is a louse, no matter how i scratch, he won't go away.
jerryf2 at ix.netcom.com (Jerry E. Fletcher), Mon, 18 Mar 1996 19:50.

Art for the Artless.
dedwards at nashville.com, Fri, Aug 11, 1995 4:40 PM EDT.

As a unique object I must be art.
sdpcart at selway.umt.edu (Scott Purl), Sat, Jun 24, 1995 3:34 AM EDT.

Yugo first, and i'll go last.
In Memory--Marcel, "Pookie Le Che," the Cat of All Cats
md at wtm.com, Sun, May 14, 1995 12:23 AM EDT.

Art is whatever you can get away with.
I lost the name of the author, Spring 1995.

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