The Electric Car

Think green, act red.
pemerson at (Pat Emerson), 08-24-2002 13:15

Think as light, act as night.
alston at (Tim & Pam Alston), 08-19-1999 6:43 PM.

Stop Pollution - Eat Garbage.
NAME at (FULLNAME), 24-01-1999 19:43 PM.

Think today, act tomorrow
4mija at (Betty F Ramstack), 30-09-1998 10:20 AM

Think as diodes, act as lights.
benmini at, 14-04-1998 10:34 AM.

Think masterfully, act hellishly.
benmini at, 14-04-1998 10:34 AM.

Think spontaneously, act deliberately.
MTM132 at, 02-03-1998 10:14 AM.

Think like a man, act like a vibrator.
MTM132 at, 02-03-1998 10:14 AM.

Think Othellos, scene two, act four.
marksmeb at (Mark Smeby), 05-22-1997 12:20 AM.

Think then, act now. (rob), 01-28-1997 2:05 AM.

Think or not, act may be. (Hervé Durand) Cap Estel S.A., Sun, 06 Oct 1996 00:17.

Think actively, act thinkfully. (Durand Xavier) P.M.U., Sun, 08 Sep 1996 14:55.

Think no more, activate the holy kundalini. (Durand Xavier) at least one ov thee Psionic Monks Unlimited., Sun, 08 Sep 1996 04:32.

Think in Spanish, act in English. (kevin & rosie marett), Tue, 04 Jun 96 16:58.

Think logically, act randomly. (Paul Pezanis-Christou), Sat, 25 May 1996 18:55.

Think like me, act like me. (Jess Johnson), Thu, Dec 7, 1995 11:45 PM EDT.

Think tumultuously, act precipitously. (Dave W. Mitchell), Thu, Nov 23, 1995 11:15 PM EDT.

Think of yourself, act against the other.
flyvision, Sun, Nov 5, 1995.

Think globally, act locally.
Rene DUBOS, some years back.

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