The ex-wife has my car.
BootsyUNO at aol.com, 11-22-1999 10:19 PM.

My other toy is not a boy...
FPajatsch at aol.com (CAMILLA JACQUES), 04-23-1999 10:23 AM.

My other car is my man, ready to ride anytime
CAJ002 at unl.ac.uk (CAMILLA JACQUES), 03-10-1999 10:49 AM.

My other car died of embarrassment!
ANO002 at unl.ac.uk (ANGELA OKAFOR), 03-10-1999 10:49 AM.

My other life is great!
ASC006 at unl.ac.uk (ASIA CHOUDRY), 03-10-1999 10:49 AM.

My other yugo is a ash tray.
JOK005 at unl.ac.uk (JONATHAN KELLY), 03-10-1999 10:49 AM.

My other car is a Gremlin.
IFTECARSON at aol.com, 01-29-1999 2:45 PM.

YUGO- The AFFORDABLE European Classic!!!
Yugoman at webtv.net (Ralph Isenberg), 09-10-1998 17:38 PM.

My other stupid ass web page of retarted bumper stickers is stuck so far up my ass, that i had to come to thins shitty page.
M409 at aol.com, 11-08-1998 10:14 AM.

You push; you go.
dagobert at ix.netcom.com (King Dagobert), 07-08-1998 10:35 AM.

Yugo makin' fun of this car and I'll kick your ass!
BLBID at aol.com (BLBID), 06-03-1998 20:04 PM.

My other heart is a dragonfly
anne.laforet at educagri.fr (Anne Laforet), 06-03-1998 20:04 PM.

My other hand is a foot
benmini at club-internet.fr, 14-04-1998 10:34 PM.

My other yugo is a pyramid
emdad at pacbell.net, 03-04-1998 13:14 PM.

My Yugo still goes, however it doesn't stop...
nrosemary at earthlink.net (NANCY FULSONE), 02-21-1998 9:40 AM.

My Other Phone is "AIT".
aaaa2 at pipeline.com (AA), 8-12-1997 12:27 PM.

Well shit, I can't afford anything else.
C.vanKessel-Grieger@inter.NL.net (Carla van Kessel-Grieger), 07-31-1997 2:34 PM.

My other wife is a mormon supermodel.
anonymous@forgetit.com, 07-25-1997 2:21 PM.

My other attitude is worse than this one.
anonymous@forgetit.com, 07-25-1997 2:21 PM.

My other paperweight is a Yugo.
graham at hitchhike.cybertours.com (Adam), 07-23-1997 12:51 PM.

Laugh it still Yugo'es!.
Billstnwks at aol.com, 04-05-1997 1:37 PM.

My other life is online.
ttran at rocketmail.com (Tho Tran), 03-31-1997 4:28 PM.

My other Yugo doesn't work either!
nouvion@flyvision.org (flex97), 02-20-1997 6:53 PM.

my other car is my carpet
nouvion@flyvision.org (flex97), 02-14-1997 10:35 PM.

My other Yugo is on Fire. (Lance Farber, Yugo owner)
chuckk@execpc.com (Chuck Kachel), 01-11-1997 11:24 PM.

My other car has an engine.
jimosb@sisna.com (Jim Osborne), 12-24-96 11:56 PM.

(carina.henriksson@swipnet.se), Mon, 7 Oct 96 14:40.

My other queen is a drag.
(UnBacio@abest.com), Sun, 22 Sep 1996 19:46.

My other life is a maze.
Durand Xavier (shambu@imaginet.fr) P.M.U., Sun, 08 Sep 1996 04:44.

My other car is a vacum cleaner.
QBKA75A@prodigy.com (MR RAY F LONGAKER III), Sat, 13 Jul 1996 22:09.

My other coffin is also a Yugo.
Joel_Padmore@ncdamail.agr.state.nc.us, Thu, Dec 7, 1995 10:42 AM EDT.

My other breadbox is a bit smaller.
cbs@teleport.com (Dave W. Mitchell), Thu, Nov 23, 1995 11:14 PM EDT.

My other car is a piece of cake.
fly@flyvision.org, Sun, Nov 5, 1995.

My other poem is a better one.
Jan.DePauw@ping.be (Jan De Pauw), Sun, Oct 29, 1995 3:14 PM EDT.

My other other is an other.
gsilver@umich.edu (Gonzalo Silverio), Thu, Sep 7, 1995 12:26 PM EDT.

My other Serb is a Bosnian.
kdiemer@phoenix.phoenix.net, Sun, Aug 27, 1995 4:43 PM EDT.

My other car is a Matchbox.
wolbert@math.uchicago.edu (Jerome Wolbert), Fri, Aug 4, 1995 9:27 AM EDT.

My other car is a real car.
Spackrat@mail.cybernetics.net (Terry McComb), Sun, Jul 30, 1995 8:40 PM EDT.

My other broom is a Yugo
dpike@soho.ios.com (Darlene Pike), Sat, Jul 22, 1995 7:36 PM EDT.

My other other is a self.
galanter@nyu.edu (Philip Galanter), Thu, May 18, 1995 5:22 PM EDT.

This IS My Other Car!
west@echonyc.com (Nick West), Thu May 4, 1995.

My other girlfriend is a man.
anonymous, 1995.

My other car is a broom.
anonymous, 1990's(?).

My other car is a Rolls Royce.
anonymous, 1980's(?).

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