Red Ford Mustang Convertible

You're a clock on earth I'm a space in time.
alston at (Tim & Pam Alston), 08-19-1999 8:53 PM.

Your the moment of time.......I'm the moment still here!
short4 at (short), 11-12-1998 10:39 AM.

Youra slut on earth, Im a bitch in hell! SLUT SLUT.
jtinjax at (Janice Timmons), 19-08-1998 17:11 PM.

You're a goddess on earth, I'm a party in your mouth.
anonymous at, 07-25-1997 2:21 PM.

You're a drone on earth, I'm Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
anonymous at, 07-25-1997 2:21 PM.

You're a bad ass mother on earth, I'm a bored ass mother in High School.
(don't try to come after me, it's too late) (Mikkel Mowinckel), 03-02-1997 1:22 AM.

Your a dream on earth, I'm a grunt in purgatory. (Susan), 01-21-1997 9:01 PM.

You're an angel on earth, I'm a soul in despair. (Jason Dorsey), Thu, 10 Oct 1996 10:06:20 -0700.

You're a bum on earth, I'm a bum in cyberspace. (Sydney), Tue, 04 Jun 96 13:31.

You're a VIP on earth, I'm a VIP in hell.
anonymous, 1990's(?).

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