Chevrolet Caprice (blue)

Your door is open,slam it carefully.
forfam at (TOM FORSYTH), 03-13-1999 1:10 PM.

The chevy Nova door is your step carefully spacer owner of a 79 chevy in the year 1998 it's odometer has rolled 3 times over.
short4 at (short), 11-12-1998 10:38 AM.

The store is open, rob carefully.
wstand1 at (Wayne Standridge), 11-06-1998 11:42 AM.

My mouth is open , now get dressed.
chewy at (Paul Nelson), 06-10-1998 17:01 PM.

Eat a dick mother fucker.
jamant at (Julie Amant), 17-05-98 14:08 PM.

The gates are open, die carefully.
garion at (Chad Goldsmith), 02-18-1998 9:12 AM.

Your doors are open, back carefully
VetteMan61 at (VetteMan61), 01-19-1998 12:37 PM.

Your legs are open, let me in!
okie3050 at (Mari), 22-10-1997 20:34 PM.

The throttle is open, steer carefully.
joel at UDel.Edu (Joel Banyai), 26-09-1997 17:06.

The throttle is wide open, shift carefully.
dough-nut at (DAVID A LUNNEBERG), 26-09-1997 16:59 PM

Your lane is open, fly carefully! (Scott Wilkins), 01-18-1997 9:38 AM.

the window's open, breathe carefully. (Danielle Gustafson), 12-29-96 6:18 AM.

My heart is open ponder carefully. (ALFRED HUBER), Sun, 6 Oct 1996 19:42:57, -0500.

My line is open, swim carefullly. (Jan De Pauw), Sun, Oct 29, 1995 3:08 PM EDT.

Your mouth is open, speak carefully. (Sam Hodge), Thu, Sep 28, 1995 10:50 PM EDT.

Your fly is open, zip carefully! (Scott Ettin), Fri, Sep 22, 1995 10:21 AM EDT.

My mind is open, speak carefully. (Allan Farrow), Sun, Jun 18, 1995 3:59 AM EDT.

Your barn door is open, walk carefully. (glase ferguson), Wed, Jun 14, 1995 5:20 PM EDT.

Your mind is open, think carefully. (Philip Galanter), Thu, May 18, 1995 5:24 PM EDT.

School is open, drive carefully.
anonymous, 1980's(?).

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