Before assembling the Geek Nef you should know on which wall you want to project the video and how big an image you need. This will determine the position of the Nef.

Because of the mosquito net the projection beam will have to go through one of the two rectangular openings (approx. 10x20cm) at the top of the column.
The Geek Nef: Assembly instructions.

  1. Cover the foam bed with the synthetic piece. The latter should be attached tightly to the bottom part of the bed with velcro.

  2. Place the wooden desk on top of the bed. The desk should hide the seams of the synthetic cover.

  3. Attach the padded wooden back to the desk. The four screws have to be placed from the inside of the desk.

  4. The column should be attached from the inside with eight screws to the back of the wooden desk. The open space in the back of the column should match the open space on the back of the desk where the computer is to be placed. If the video projector is not installed on the column you may want to use either the small column or no column at all.

  5. Attach the oval frame of the mosquito net to the ceiling with a strong nylon string. The attachment point on the ceiling should be placed vertically from the center of the bed. The mosquito net should cover the entire bed and desk but not the column and should barely touch the ground.

  6. If necessary install extension cords for the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse inside the desk between the hole positionned on top of the desk and the back of the desk where the computer is to be placed.

  7. Install the computer in the back of the desk, the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse on top. Please use a mouse pad in order to protect the top of the desk.

  8. Secure the adjustable shelf with four screws. The thickness of the video projector will determine the height of the shelf.

  9. Position the video projector on the shelf and link it to the computer or to the screen depending on the system used. Cables to the video projector should go through the series of holes along the inside of the column and into the desk.

Let me know if you're still having problems.