8: the inflatable link
by Anakin Koenig [mail]
The Link
Just like a Lego brick, 8 is the basic modular element of an infinite number of inflatable structures. Suggested length: 150 centimeters (1 square on the grid of the plan equals 15 centimeters). Suggested colors: orange (see 3D visualization of a link), black (see 3D visualization of a chain), brown, off white. Suggested plastic finish: mate, shiny, velvet.

The Line
Conceptual extrusion of the basic element (link) in one dimension to create a line, a chain, a frieze... Suited for encircling a solid structure such as a stair case, an elevator cage or for creating a 3D frieze on a wall just below the ceiling...
Sketch of the mid-section of the chain.
3D visualization of a chain.
Suggested arrangement for a two-color chain: off-white/shiny and brown/velvet.

The Plane
Conceptual extrusion of the line into a plane.

The Cube
Conceptual extrusion of the plane into a cube.

Based on the three examples above an infinite number of different structures can be generated.

8 Projects
1. Paris, France: a bowler hat for the Geode.
2. New York, USA: VR goggles for the Empire State Building.
3. Paris, France: a brain for the Grande Pyramide of the Louvre. Filling-up the inside with a helium-inflated pyramidal structure.
4. New York, USA: a blanket for the Good Year Zeppelin.
5. La Mecca, Irak: a boxing glove for the big cube.
6. Tokyo, Japan: a condom for a Japan Air Line Boeing 747-400.
7. Easter Islands: a series of tubular hats for stone sculptures.
8. Sequioa National Park, California, USA: a winter coat for the largest thing alive: the Sherman tree.